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flat travel night lightShower caps, hair conditioner, ironing board–towels for more than two people? You never know what might be missing from your next hotel room. But chances are pretty good there will not be a night light waiting for you. When you travel with children and babies, this little convenience can make a big difference in your ability to get safely around a portacrib in unfamiliar (and crowded) territory, check on your infant or nurse in the night, and in anyone’s ability to get to the bathroom in the dark of night in a timely manner.

I’ve found that traveling with a virtually flat LED nightlight like this to be a real sanity–and potentially-stubbed toe-saver. It also helps the kids settle down a little faster when we don’t need the bright lights on up to the very last moment that everyone is in bed. And because there are enough things to remember to pack for our family of five already, I try to always keep it in my travel toiletry kit in between trips. It takes up almost no space there and, unlike many other night lights, there is no glass light bulb to break as I sit on my suitcase stuffed with souvenirs.

travel night lightThese eMotionlite travel night lights are designed to be easy on the eyes (10 lumens of 2700K, warm white) and just bright enough to be helpful but not disturb sleep (affiliate link – thanks for supporting this site!). They offer up to 50,000 hours of use and automatically shut off when they sense daylight.

Of course, if I happen to stay at the hotel ahead of your visit, there is a small chance there might actually be a night light awaiting you–I have been known to accidentally leave them behind now and then. For that reason, I recommend getting a pack of two or more so you’ll have a back up ready to go. 😉

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