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Shelly Rivoli on boogie board in Maui
Lead by example, and teach your children (we hope) well…

It was one of those humbling days – what? You think I’m exempt? I thrive on adventure and change and novelty while, well, some others in my brood could be content sitting behind a device developing the world’s best dinosaur park on a screen no bigger than a Belgian waffle.

Personally, I have no problem with that when we are home in July and the fog wafts by and all we can do is put on wool socks, build a fire, and look forward to another sunny October. But when we’re in Maui? Steps away from what many have declared the world’s best beaches–particularly for families? You bet I’m going to insert myself with an exclamation point and a full bottle of waterproof sunblock 50.

Let it be known: My family has no problem once it HITS the beach with being at the beach. In fact, you could say they are better at managing salt, sea, and sand in all of its–and all of our–extremities than I’ll ever be. It’s just getting them there.

So today, once we arrived, it was time to walk the walk. Sure, THEY were having fun with the boogie boards at one of Maui’s best–if not Maui’s best–beach for teaching kids to boogie board as well as snorkel. Was  I going to merely sit by with snacks and water bottles ready? A sandy beach towel?


“Give me that boogie board, kid…” I said to a kid who was in no way used to hearing herself addressed to as such from this matron of the school lunch pail.

Let me say: I had some awesome rides. And although I may still be trying to get the sand (and water) out of my left ear, this may well go down in the annals of Rivoli history as the day that I–embarrassing sunburn down my thighs (yes, I’m the sunblock Nazi of the family), incredibly flattering new rash guard on my top, and sand packed everywhere possible in between–showed the kids just how to ride the short break on Maui. Again and again.

Being a good mom is as much about going beyond your comfort zone when needed as it is finding your way back to the kid you once were–at least once in a while. Here’s wishing you all a chance to do both on your next family excursion.

How about you?

When did you push beyond your comfort zone as a parent? Do a little more than you had to in order to show your kids the real you? The something they may have missed otherwise? Please share below!

If you missed my previous post, let me know if you have a guess!

Safe journeys,

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