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A lap-held toddler pushes Dad's buttons on a flight
Not yet two, and there's too much to do on the airplane to hold still for diaper changes!

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of diapering your little one in an airplane lavatory, it may be hard to picture how infinitely small the fold-out diapering table might be. By the time your child can toddle down the aisle of the aircraft, he will likely be longer than the diaper changing tray is wide—and holding still for you as you juggle your diapering essentials at 30,000 feet may be the last thing on his list of priorities.

Fear not, my friend. The “standing quick change” can save the day.

Once your child is sturdy on his own two feet, just leave that lavatory changing table where it is. Instead:

  • Stand him on the lid of the toilet facing away from you.
  • Let him support himself against the lavatory wall, which will help keep his hands busy in a helpful manner.
  • Pull the pants to the down position (around the ankles) to inhibit the climbing and kicking reflexes for which squirmy toddlers are famous.
  • Remove the diaper, wipe, and replace.
  • Return pants to the upright position.
  • About face, and give a high five.

If it’s too tricky to wash your hands and your child’s in the lavatory basin, use an antibacterial hand wipe back at your seat.

The standing quick change works best for tots in pants, shorts, or skorts, and when using the “diaper purse” (click here for more info).

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