Family Travel Destinations – South America

Traveling with your baby, toddler, or preschooler to South America? Use this guide to find helpful features and tips for family travel to South American destinations including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. Articles on our sister site Family Travel 411 are noted as such.


Argentina Family Travel

Buenos Aires – Moms Around the World insider tips for your family’s visit to Buenos Aires with kids

Culture – Argentina’s tradition of the The Three Kings… and their thirsty camels



Brazil Family Travel

Rio de Janeiro – Moms Around the World – insider tips for your family’s visit to Rio with kids

See also: Baby gear rental agencies in South America



 Chile Family Travel

Santiago – The 411 on Santiago with Kids

best travel strollers and gear for travel with babies and toddlers


Ecuador Family Travel

Quito – The 411 on Quito with Kids (Family Travel 411)

Galapagos – Galapagos with Kids:The 411 on the Santa Cruz (Family Travel 411)



Peru Family Travel

Lima – The 411 on Lima with Kids (Family Travel 411)

Sacred Valley – The 411 on Peru’s Sacred Valley with Kids (Machu Picchu & more – Family Travel 411)


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