Thank you… and the Travels with Baby guidebook gets Gold!

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It's a good day!
It’s a good day!

Dear Public Relations team (yes, that’s YOU!),

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for all of the kind word-of-mouth recommendations to your friends, Pins, Facebook shares, Tweets and Retweets, and other ways you have helped the people who need it most find my site and blog! Traffic has been outstanding!

The Travels with Baby blog was also just named a finalist in Independent Travel Blogs by the North American Travel Journalists Association–woot! Considering what a busy past year it was with the new book coming out and starting the site, I am so thrilled it received another honor from NATJA.

For safer, saner holiday travel with a baby or toddler read this first...
Do you consider customer reviews before you buy a book? If so, please rate me! (Thank you!)

But that’s not all…the Travels with Baby guidebook received a HUGE honor when the North American Travel Journalists Association announced that it received the 2014 Gold Award in Travel Books. (I was crying with a big old smile on my face after getting that news!) If you don’t have a copy of the Travels with Baby: Ultimate Guide… yourself yet, or you have a friend you know will be needing it, what more are you waiting for?! 😉

And if you DO have a copy of “The Ultimate Guide for Planning Travel with Your Baby, Toddler, or Preschooler” could you…

Please take a minute to rate it on Amazon,, or Goodreads!

If my book has made a difference for your family, which I certainly hope it has, please do me this enormous favor. At this moment, the new edition Travels with Baby still has ONLY EIGHT CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON!

It could sure use a boost from my in-house PR team. 😉  (THANK YOU! I know many of you will be typing it one-handed, as I typed most of the first edition of this guidebook, and your effort is appreciated!)

Hooray for Family Travel 411! The "little sister" site that could!
Hooray for Family Travel 411! The “little sister” site that could!

One final note…the new sister site I started last summer also received two Bronze Awards for individual articles (see them here and here), and it was listed as a Finalist for a third!

If you’re looking for inspiring destinations and gear for travel beyond the baby-through-preschool years (or even during in many cases), I hope you’ll visit and subscribe to Family Travel 411!

Do you have a family travel question for me? Click the email link below!

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Safe journeys,

Shelly Rivoli, author of the award-winning Travels with Baby guidebooks

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