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The beloved Parker Group of giant sequoia trees
Above: The Parker Group at Sequoia National Park – these beauties keep their color in every season.

As leaf peepers flock north by northeast to thrill at the annual rainbow spectacular, I find myself searching for any sign of autumn color on the trees around our California home. Not much to report this year… as usual.

But to say we don’t have trees worth visiting in California? You’d have to be silly.

Here’s just a part of our singlemost favorite stand of giant sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park. The Parker Grove, named for the family of the park’s superintendent from 1893 – 94, is not one of the most famous stands of sequoias in the park. But there is a definite following of those who, like us, happen upon it driving the quieter roads near Moro Rock and simply have to stop and enjoy them.

When you get there, and I hope you will, say hello for us.

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