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View from the top of Moro Rock
You’ll know you’ve reached the top of Moro Rock…

SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK: Hiking Moro Rock with kids and young children – The hike up Moro Rock offers stunning views of Sequoia National Park with panoramic vistas of California’s Central Valley and the Western Divide from its top.

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Stairs at beginning of Moro Rock trail
Pace yourself. There are plenty more steps where these came from.

Although the trail to the top of Moro Rock is only 1/3 mile, it’s pretty much vertical, climbing 300 feet.

Little hiker holds Daddy's hand on Moro Rock trail
Yes, you WILL hold my hand.

You’ll want to keep a firm grip on your toddler here, if not take the added precaution of looping his safety harness strap to your belt with a carabiner (or D-ring) clip.

Baby and toddler backpack carriers or infant front pack child carriers work well here, with the exception of a couple of tight passageways you may need to shift slightly to fit through with a large frame backpack carrier.

Toddler carried by dad on Moro Rock Trail
It’s a workout for little hikers-and those who end up carrying them.

Your little hiker will likely welcome a ride in your arms or on your shoulders before your visit is through. And there are stretches you may welcome the chance to hold him tight in your arms as well while hiking Moro Rock!

Looking down the steps at Moro Rock
Afraid of heights? The walk down from Moro Rock may be harder than the walk up.

Still, it’s a beautiful place to experience during your visit to Sequoia National Park, and a memory that’s likely to stick with you for many years to come.

Kid stops to enjoy the view from Moro Rock trail
I think she’s going to remember this for a long, long time… and so will I.

Moro Rock is near the Giant Forest Museum, just off the General’s Highway that runs through Sequoia National Park. For more information, head to https://www.visitsequoia.com. And don’t miss my SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK WITH KIDS – CALIFORNIA FAMILY VACATION GUIDE at Family Travel 411.

For more kid-friendly hikes in Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia National Monument, see my new guidebook Hiking with Kids Southern California: 45 Great Hikes for Families from Falcon Guides. Color photos, maps, age recommendations, trailhead GPS and directions, and all my best tips for each hike are included. Happy hiking!

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