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Musical wait at PDX
"So I say, 'Thank you for the music...'"

Well, in case any of you were guessing where my posts were leading last week… YES, my kids really have already missed a day of school for travel this year! But it was for a very special family event and with our teachers’ blessings.

For our return, we had a most unusual experience – we actually arrived early at the airport! No sprinting was necessary! In fact, we had time to enjoy a leisurely lunch before boarding. If that wasn’t enough, our ears perked to the sound of live music starting nearby… and just to underscore what a special place Portland, Oregon is… there was the lovely Belinda Underwood strumming an electric ukulele and even making music with her feet as she sang. She delighted the the kids with original songs about polar bears and her chickens at home, among other thoughtful and toe-tapping tunes.

Not a bad way to pass the time waiting for an airplane with the kids! 😉

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