Home food Photo Fave: Ice cream in Andalucia (at the heladeria)

Photo Fave: Ice cream in Andalucia (at the heladeria)

by Shelly Rivoli
Decisions, decisions. Good thing we’ll be back tomorrow.
Whether it’s zmrzlina in Prague, gelato in Rome, or crepes a la mode in Paris, eating ice cream in Europe should be on the must-do list of every traveling family. Here we explore the fanciful options presented at a heladeria (ice cream shop) by the Balcony of Europe on Spain’s Costa del Sol. Forget the half-pecked cardboard buckets of your local 31 Flavors. In Europe, ice cream is an art, and as with many foods and drinks in the Old World, presentation is everything. Note the perfectly formed peaks of each flavor, carefully drizzled with a complimenting topping. 
But how to decide? The only fair thing do (for our taste buds, anyway) was to stop by each afternoon as we strolled through the small town of Nerja.

Where have you enjoyed your favorite ice cream during travel?
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Italian cuisine gems October 21, 2011 - 6:54 am

Not all European ice cream is tasty, but Italian ice cream is almost always delicious. Gelato is really something unique – the best I had was in Rome, at San Crispina, a place on Paneterria Street.

Lisa October 15, 2011 - 1:53 am

I agree that ice cream is a must in Europe – particularly in the summer. I think my kids may have eaten their weight in ice cream in Italy, Greece and Turkey in August.

Terumi October 15, 2011 - 12:19 am

Oh that looks yummy! Our favorite ice cream is from Bella Gelateria in Vancouver,Canada but we've never been to Spain….

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