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Photo Fave: Costa Rican diaper changing station

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Before our family adventure in Costa Rica, I had not expected to encounter many, if any, high chairs along the way, let alone a diaper changing station. Now I know better. Although there doesn’t seem to be a common word to specifically  mean “high chair” (“chair for the baby” is more like it), it became almost a joke how one would turn up nearly everywhere on our path, from the busiest roadside restaurants to a backroads barn-turned-restaurant where we ate by a pile of bricks and a wood stove (there they actually had three!). And here in the ladies’ restroom at Zoo Ave in Alajuela: a beautiful wooden diaper changing station, of course. And it works great!

If you missed my post earlier this week, don’t miss my tips for visiting the marvelous Zoo Ave – a must if you’ll be in Central Costa Rica with small kids. Also, my review of family-friendly Hotel Villa Dolce where we stayed just 10 minutes away.

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