At Least They’ll Speak “English”: A Parent’s Guide to Babytalk Abroad

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Parent's guide to babytalk in English, British, AmericanWhen choosing a destination abroad, your little family may find it somewhat comforting to choose one that frees you from carrying a traveler’s phrase book in your already crowded diaper bag. But that would be too easy, and hardly worthy of the stamp in your passport.

So as your little Ambassador of Goodwill launches you into conversations with the Queen’s locals or other members of the ex-Commonwealth, you may find it helpful to commit to memory a little of the baby-speak. If it begins to sound a bit silly to you, just remember that they are the ones speaking English.

A parent’s guide to babytalk–in American and British English



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For more babytalk translations in French, German, Spanish, and Italian; see the section on Staying Abroad in Take-Along Travels with Baby, the pocket-size companion guide to Travels with Baby or ebook.

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