Pack This! The “Trayblecloth” for Flying Toddlers & Preschoolers–and Ideas for What to Pack in It

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The "trayblecloth" in action on an airplane seat-back tray.
The “Trayblecloth” in action on an airplane seat-back tray.

When I board an airplane with my kids, it’s hard to know what I want to hit first with my antibacterial hand wipes: The safety belt buckles? The arm rests? Or the fold-out tray where our gadgets and goodies and snacks will inevitably end up?

The “Trayblecloth” goes one better than a wipe–at least where the fold-out tray is concerned. It not only provides a clean, alergen-free surface for kids but helps keep them organized and entertained throughout the flight.

Use the pockets to stash snacks, crayons, Wikki Stix and the like (click here to see more recommended Travel Toys and Five Screen-Free Favorites to Keep Kids Entertained During Long Flights), and the clear pocket to add any background your child might like to color, decorate, draw, or tic-tac-toe upon with dry erase markers (not included, so be sure to pick some up to go with it. The surface also wipes clean easily to remove any sticky snack residue.

Don’t like the duck fabric? There are four more patterns to choose from, including a very sporty soccer motif for older siblings. Click here to see them all.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick list of surprises you might like to load in your child’s Trayblecloth in advance of your next departure (check age appropriateness for your child):

Little Airport or other small reusable sticker activity book

Tangle Jr.

Wikki Stix or pipe cleaners

Deck of UNO cards

Dry erase markers

3-5 coloring book pages (they’ll be reusable if you use the dry erase marker surface)

Set of finger puppets

Goldfish crackers

Fruit gummy snacks

Clif Kid Z Bar

And in case you’re thinking it would be great to have a grown-up version of the Trayblecloth for yourself… yes, they’ve got that covered, too.

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