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Free Like Birdie packing for baby travel system
Packing for baby made easy with the Free Like Birdie travel system.

Have you ever started your family vacation nicely organized with each item for your child (or each child!) cleverly packed and stowed, only to find that one day later all chaos has unleashed itself across your hotel room? What I like about the Free Like Birdie Complete Travel System is that it goes beyond traditional packing cubes to give parents the extra edge they need in getting their baby or toddler items organized for travel–and helping to keep them that way.

Consider the “Quick Change Clothes” pack, ideal for flights when you want to have that back up outfit ready easily accessible if needed. It shows an illustrated packing list inside to help you remember at-a-glance what goes in the “Clean” side as you pack for your flight or long drive, or need to replenish for each day’s itinerary. Time for a change? You not only have a fresh outfit ready on one side, but the reverse compartment zips open to stow whatever dirty, messy, stinky, or pureed-sweet-potatoey clothes you have in the waterproof “Dirty” compartment.

Free Like Birdie Weekender bag for packing for baby
The “Weekender” bag by Free Like Birdie.

If you like the sound of that, you’ll also appreciate the “Weekender” bag, which includes an illustrated packing list for weekend getaways printed inside, and also includes its own separate “Dirty” compartment for used clothing during your trip. Both Quick Change Clothes and Weekender bags have buckled handles as well, enabling you to clip them to carry-on, stroller, and even each other.

The Free Like Birdie diaper kit.
The Free Like Birdie diaper kit.

And let’s not forget the Diaper Pack. As you might expect from this mom-invented packing system, it’s designed to attach to the handles of either Quick Change Clothes pack or Weekender bag to keep diapering essentials handy during travel, especially when you need to visit that teeny tiny lavatory without the entire bulk and heft of your diaper bag. It can also be attached to the stroller or day pack with its own handle. A waterproof changing mat comes with the Diaper Pack, and stores easily in its outside pocket.

The Quick Change Clothes pack, Weekender bag, and Diaper Pack are available individually, and are all bundled together as the Free Like Birdie Complete Travel System, available at

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