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equipment for making coffee in the sock in Costa Rica
Above: Getting ready to make Costa Rican coffee in the “sock.”

You may be asking, “What does making coffee have to do with traveling with little kids?” in which case I will give you an enormous grin and reply, “EVERYTHING.” But if you’re reading this blog, chances are you already know that. 😉

In honor of National Coffee Day today, I thought I’d share a little tip for those of you contemplating a Costa Rican family vacation. If you’ll be staying in a vacation rental home as we did some portions of our trip, you might need to know how to make coffee without the regular plug-in pot — or you might just prefer to do it for fun, especially when you return home and invite your friends over to see your Costa Rican coffee maker in action before wowing them with your trip photos.

It’s really very simple. Just heat water to boiling in your kettle…

Above: A well-seasoned “sock” is thought to enhance the flavor – I think it does!

Fill the flannel-like “sock” with ground coffee – about 2/3 full for a decent-size pot.

Above: Slowly, lovingly, deliciously brewed coffee.

When the water reaches boiling, turn off the heat, then slowly pour the water into the sock. You will probably need to wait to add the last half of the water bit, by bit, as the coffee brews and slowly filters into your carafe.

Above: Looking out at the dry jungle of the Nicoya Peninsula from Casa Vista,

The only thing left to do now… is to enjoy your cup of authentically brewed Costa Rican coffee. And with surroundings like this, how could you not?

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