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Alert: Graco car seat recall

by Shelly Rivoli


In case you have not yet heard about the latest Graco car seat recall—or the update as of late this week, please be aware that several models of Graco car seats are included in a recall concerning the harness buckles (only) on these seats, some of which have been included in the Best Car Seats for Travel pages at www.TravelswithBaby.com.

THE PROBLEM: Graco has found that some buckles are becoming more difficult to use (and unbuckle) over time, and is offering to replace the harness buckles free of charge for anyone experiencing this.

THE PLACE TO CHECK: To see a complete list of the car seats included in this recall and the dates of manufacture, follow this link. If your car seat is included and you’ve been having trouble with your buckle, you can order your free replacement online using the web form here.  

IF YOUR CAR SEAT IS LISTED: Graco wants to emphasize that these car seats are still considered safe and effective and may continue to be used until the replacement buckles are received.

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Nicole Stanley March 20, 2014 - 5:43 am

Properly installing a child’s car seat is crucial to ensure our baby safety..It is important to know the right methods on how to select the right seat for our child and how to properly install an infant car seat.More than 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly, which means four out of five children are improperly restrained and at risk for injury.

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