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Seattle with a baby
Fun flashback! That’s us on our last “trip to Seattle with a baby.” Yes, we brought the stroller!

Hello, I’m going to be traveling with my 7-month-old by myself to Seattle. She’s not that great at sitting in a regular stroller yet. I normally use my carrier or infant click and go stroller. What do you recommend taking with you? Should I take the infant stroller? I’m already checking the car seat. Thank you!

— Melissa from New Jersey

When traveling solo, there will definitely be times you’re glad to have that trusty stroller at your side (eating, using the restroom…all much better without a baby in your lap!). But whether or not your daughter will be content to spend extra time in her car seat—as when clicked into an infant car seat stroller frame—or would be happier with a different seat and one that possibly reclines or sits up per her mood all depends on her temperament.

If your infant car seat clicks onto a stroller that can also be used independently (without the car seat), you’ll have the best of both worlds—and options. And there are times when, even while wearing your baby, the stroller can prove very useful for carrying what you don’t want to simultaneously (eg. offload the diaper bag and water bottle).

What you will want to avoid is sentencing her to “the slump” that many babies face when riding in an umbrella stroller that doesn’t support their upper bodies and legs or recline enough for her to ride and nap comfortably.

If it helps, you can also rent a stroller in Seattle or see recommended lightweight strollers for travel here. Hope this helps!

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