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Tip #37: Coast through the Oregon Aquarium

Newport, OR – The Oregon Aquarium is one of the best sightseeing values to be had on the Oregon Coast, and a half-day visit should top the list of any family’s priorities for activities while vacationing on—or road-tripping through—the Central Oregon coast. The aquarium may keep you entertained and exploring for hours, which makes it…

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Tip # 35: Scorpions, Ticks, and Bears — Oh, My!

You should know that I have been camping in Oregon since I was an infant. After relocating to California, it took some time to adjust to “bear camping” and the terrible inconvenience of using “bear boxes” and certainly “bear bags.” I mean, there just aren’t any bears in Oregon–or so I like to think. In…

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Travels with Baby Tip #31: Why and how to practice camping with your little kids

Practice makes perfect – we hope! Whether you’re gearing up for your first camping adventure with your baby or toddler, or you’re pondering how best to do it now that your child’s a toddler or a preschooler, you may all be happier campers on your trip after a little practice run at home. Sure, pitching…

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Travels with Baby Tip #30: Get Savvy to Great Places to Stay with Small Kids

Having spent hours upon hours searching the internet trying to discern which places might be most comfortable to stay with my own small children, I have often felt the aching need for a comprehensive resource that gives a Mom’s-eye perspective of hotels, resorts, condos and other vacation properties around the world. I’m delighted to report…

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Travels with Baby Tip #27: Slow Down, Soft Pedal, Save Gas.

In recent news, you may have heard about one airline’s clever solution to combat skyrocketing fuel charges–without sticking it to their customers. Rather than increasing ticket fares or charging for extra baggage, Brussels Airlines will simply fly its same routes a mere 5 mph slower than it has been, slowing from 435 to 429 mph….

Travels with Baby Tip #26: Get Travel Insurance
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Travels with Baby Tip #26: Get Travel Insurance

Update:  If you’re considering travel insurance, be sure to also see this newer post Top 5 Reasons to Insure Your Next Family Vacation In your life before children, you may have been much more willing to “chance it” that you’d make that flight purchased with a nonrefundable fare, or figure that you’d make that bargain…