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Toddler in pretend driftwood fort in Kauai
A driftwood cage will only hold them so long. For a more relaxing time-out with your partner, hire a babysitter in Kauai.

More traveling parents need our help. I’ve shared some thoughts of my thoughts here, and please share your own tip or advice for them in comments below. Let’s go!

QUESTION 1 – Kate writes:

I love your website/blog! I’m especially excited about all your baby-friendly Kauai recommendations as we are headed there for about a week in November.  I wondered if you had any luck with babysitters/nannies during any of your stays? We’re hoping to sneak away to dinner for an evening or two while we are there. 

MY SUGGESTIONS: I did not have occasion to use a babysitter on our recent trip, but I might next time around! If you haven’t visited the Directory of Vacation Nanny and Babysitter Agencies yet, there are a few in Kauai you might check out:  

Have a fantastic trip – I actually have more tips coming to the blog soon I haven’t had a chance to publish yet. 😉 (See the list of family-friendly Kauai posts in Travels with Baby Destinations.)

SHARE YOUR ADVICE – If any of you have used a babysitter or nanny service in Kauai you can recommend, please share with us in comments below! And if you need to line up a hotel sitter or vacation nanny elsewhere, remember the online Directory of Vacation Babysitter and Nanny Services here.

QUESTION 2 – Natalie asks (in response to “Single or double stroller for 2-week trip through southern Europe?“):

I am having a similar dilemma as I plan for a rapidly approaching one month stay in The Netherlands this coming November. My kids will be 22 months and 7 months old at that time. We purchased a Quinny Zapp (based on the reviews on your website) for our trip to Europe last year and really LOVE it. It is so lightweight and worked great while traveling by plane and even by train; it’s easy to steer and withstood serious beatings on the cobblestone roads and crooked sidewalks in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. My daughter also had no problem napping in it at all. We continue to use it as our lightweight stroller option at home.

For THIS trip, however, we have to accommodate two young kids. My first thought was to purchase another Quinny Zapp and travel with two single strollers and two Ergo carriers. Then when we’re out and about on the trip we can carry one of the kids in an Ergo carrier, while the other uses a stroller, and switch off as the day goes on. But, always have the option of taking both strollers along depending on what we’re doing that day.

My second thought was to get a twin stroller and from your reviews I was intrigued by the Joovy Caboose Ultralight It seems to be the best of both worlds with the exception of the caboose passenger not being able to snooze. My question to Shelly is: 1) Do you think the wheels are built to withstand Old Europe’s crooked cobblestone paths?? 2) Will it be a good choice for the rainy, cold climate we’re going to be dealing with?

MY SUGGESTIONS: There are so many different ways you might do this, but my knee-jerk reaction this time around is to suggest a travel-friendly twin stroller like the Maclaren Twin Triumph, which will give you the dual reclining seat option for jetlag compensation and possible napping through the Rijksmusum masterpieces, and you can fit it well with a rain / storm cover (usually included with this model). It should fit through most doorways with no problem and leave one of you free to open those doors for the other to pass through. 😉 It also folds compactly enough to take on public transportation, and although the Triumph’s wheels aren’t *quite* as excellent as they once were, they should still stand up to cobblestones (and better than the Joovy). Better still, with an upper weight limit of 55 lbs. each seat, you may be able to take it on many future trips.

SHARE YOUR ADVICE: What double stroller or single have you taken to Europe, or traveled with in winter weather? Are you facing a similar dilemma about a travel stroller? Please leave a comment below! 

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