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Before having a family of your own, you may have welcomed the chance to jump on whatever mode of local transport provided the most authentic arrival from airport to your travel destination.

Nothing against tuk-tuks, rickshaws, or overcrowded commuter trains, but with a small child—or two, or three—and an extra suitcase—or two, or three—some of us find ourselves wondering how much more it might be to just take a taxi instead?

If you haven’t checked out the World Taxi Meter site yet (www.worldtaximeter.com), you may be glad to add it to your list of helpful online travel planning resources (you’ll find it in my Quick Links, too). Use the site to enter two points in cities around the world, say JFK to Times Square, or CDG to the Louvre, or Indira Gandhi International to Humayun’s Tomb for example, and shazam: you can see the cost of the journey before you even pack your bags.

What else is notable about this site?
– The site also factors in the time of day you’ll be making the journey, so average traffic delays and additional costs are also shown in your results.
– Make sure you scroll down to see the “Useful Information” section about taking taxis where you’ll be as well, including airport or luggage surcharges and suggestions for tipping.

What’s better than that?
You can also see the Google-recommended route the driver should take—you know, to print and tuck in the side of your day pack in case there are any questions (ahem).

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