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Eiffel tower on Champs de Mar in autumn
Above: Forget the summer when it sizzles. I like Paris in the fall…

Paris is known as one of Europe’s “greenest” cities, having more than 400 parks and gardens scattered throughout its urbanscape. If you are lucky enough to visit Paris with your children in the fall, when tourist crowds thin while the weather still welcomes one and all for strolls through the falling leaves, you won’t want to miss your chance to explore a few of these garden treasures. In today’s guest post, Parisian mother Karen Bras, owner of 2 Kids 1 Bag baby gear rentals serving Paris and the Ile de France, shares with us her three favorite autumn outings in Paris with little kids.

In between the many monuments you no doubt plan to visit in Paris, plan time to explore some Parisian gardens. During fall, it will give you the opportunity to share with your family the light and the color of the trees, the fun of walking or jumping in crisp leaves–and don’t forget to bring a bag for collecting chestnuts with your kids! Here are 3 gardens that I personally like for their locations and family-friendly highlights.

1. Near the Champ de Mars garden (located between the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire), after a pleasant 15 minute walk, you will find a typical Parisian street (with almost no cars) called “rue Cler”. All food shops are here : cheese, delicatessen, pastries, bread, hot chocolate … which you can share with your children and take away…. After all this walking in the leaves, pamper yourself with a delicious crêpe at the Ulysse shop (I admit I like the Nutella one) or icecream in the Martine Lambert shop (my favourite flavours : melon and bitter orange).

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sailboats at Jardin Luxembourg
sailboats at Jardin Luxembourg


2. Inside the Luxembourg Garden (Saint-Germain-des-Prés area), you will find a place where everything is made for parents and kids. The choice of activities is very large: puppets (in French, and for children aged 2 and older), a recreational park for 7 and older … You will also see some petanque  and tennis players.

What I specially appreciate (and my kids too , 2 and 5 year old) is the model yacht you can hire to make it sail in the large artificial pond. The model yatch must be pushed thanks to a wooden stick and then have fun racing around the pond to get back it. A real entertaining time for the whole family!

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Flamingoes at the Jardin de Plantes menagerie in Paris
Above: Pink flamingos at the Jardin de Plantes, Paris


3. Inside the Jardin des Plantes (Quartier Latin district), you’ll find the principal botanical garden of France, with much to explore outdoors and also indoors. While there, you can visit the Menagerie (equivalent to a zoo) with around 1,000 animals and among the most impressive: orangutans, crocodiles, panthers, huge tortoises,and pink flamingos. Created in 1794 as part of the royal gardens, this menagerie is one of the oldest zoos in the world!

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Thanks, Karen; what I wouldn’t give to be back on Rue Cler right now!

How about YOU? What is your favorite outing in Paris with little ones? Share with a comment below!

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