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Pack this! Reusable Snack Catchers

by Shelly Rivoli

Reusable snack catchers for road trips

No more free-range goldfish in the backseat.

As I loaded up our Snack Catcher with Cheddar Bunnies yesterday, just before hoping into the car to run errands with my toddler, I thought: Here’s one of those indispensable toddler travel items you are likely to find yourself using… every day. And the back seat of your car—and perhaps the planet—will thank you!

Our Snack Catchers (similar to Snack Traps) have been terrific on road trips and airplane trips alike, loaded with Cheerios or Goldfish crackers, occasionally with some raisins thrown in to add interest (“Find the treasures!”) and nutrition. As the kids get older, I sometimes throw some popcorn in or even chips, and although my eldest no longer needs the soft, split lid to keep things tidy (she can take it off when she likes), the handled cup itself is still useful—and best of all re-usable.

As I use our Snack Catchers with toddler #3 now, I like to think how many fewer little plastic bags I’ve used because of them. And when I pack along a big bag or box of crackers or cereal on a trip, I just reload the Snack Catcher as needed for our outings.

As I show in this clip from View from the Bay, I’ve found a carabiner (or D-ring) clip works perfectly to secure the Snack Catcher to car seat or stroller straps, keeping it nice and accessible to your traveling baby, toddler, or preschooler.

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Safe journeys,

Shelly Rivoli
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New York City Hotels April 13, 2011 - 10:49 am

These are the coolest things you could have, if your child is already snacking on goldfish, cereals, grapes or something minor like that. they can seize and hold their own food without having to worry about picking up a mess later.

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