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This post is part of my Cheap and Free San Diego Series

Another visit to Old Town San Diego was a great reminder of how much fun is to be had in San Diego, even on a budget. I’m partial to Old Town, I’ll admit, as I had a serious Little House on the Prairie obsession as a kid and for some reason it reminds me of this. Plus, my Grandmother lived in the Cosmo Hotel building (currently undergoing restoration) when she worked as a riveter during World War II. Not to mention, I find the modest courtyard of the Estudillo House (above) to be one of my favorite spots in California–especially when it’s filled with the strains of classical guitar music by a local musician as it was on this particular afternoon. If you get to San Diego, don’t miss it–or any of these other great opportunities at Old Town.

1. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride. Unlike the outrageous gondolas of Venice or carriages of Central Park, buggy rides in Old Town San Diego are a mere $3!
2. See the blacksmith shop in action on Wednesdays and Saturdays—free.
3. Eat ice cream. A few bucks depending; child sizes available.
4. Play in a covered wagon. Free.
5. Eat great Mexican food. Prices vary greatly; can splurge or go with $2 Taco Tuesday options at various restaurants.
6. Get a family-size fresh-squeezed lemonade. $2.
7. Visit the Estudillo House, a furnished National Historic Landmark where you can glimpse the rooms of an early mansion and explore at your leisure—free.
8. Take the historic Old Town tour with a guide—free.
9. Shop for souvenirs—from a few bucks to a few hundred. These faux silk parasols were a splurge at $6 each, but are still proving to be worth every penny (to the girls, anyway).
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