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Three easy things to knock of the list now… for less stressful holiday travel with your tot.

If you’re planning holiday travel with your baby, toddler, or little kids, your head may be swimming with to-do’s. With so much to decide and prepare before your departure, here are three easy things you can knock of your list this week that can make a world of difference in your stress level as travel time approaches.

  1. Schedule a mail hold – online. If you already know your travel dates, go ahead and hop online at to enter the dates you want your mail held while you’re away. You can schedule your mail hold as many as 30 days in advance. You can decide if you want to go pick up the mail yourself, or state the date you want all your bundled mail delivered upon your return. Go to for details and to arrange yours.

  2. Rent that baby or toddler gear you don’t want to drag with you. Whether it’s a car seat, a crib, a stroller, a toddler bed (perhaps like this one I’m giving away!), baby bath tub, exersaucer, baby swing or safety gate, there may be some items that will make a huge difference in your ability to relax and enjoy your holiday away from home with your family. Don’t delay – rent the gear you’ll want ASAP to ensure availability. Check the Worldwide Directory of Baby Gear Rentals for agencies at your destination.
  3. Ship those extra essentials ahead of you! Staying with friends or family? Save yourself the suitcase space (and weight) or a trip to the holiday-crowded stores on arrival by sending your child’s favorite snacks and drinks, diapers, training pants, baby foods, formula, and other items ahead of you. Shopped lately? You may be amazed what grocery and baby goods you can purchase online – and oftentimes have shipped for free!

I’ll be posting more helpful holiday travel tips through the season – and tweeting several more. And remember you can always find more tips and advice in the Travel Planning pages.

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