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superyard play yard or fence for camping with toddlers and babies
The Superyard play yard can be a great help on car camping trips with a baby or toddler (or both!).

If you’ll be car camping with a baby or toddler this summer, the Superyard play yard  or “safety fence” may prove helpful in several possible ways. The 6- or 8-panel, flexible system can be used to corral your crawler and cruiser, while giving them a safe space to play with toys while you set up your tent or tend to the camp stove. With curious toddlers in your camp or energetic preschoolers, it can also be used to encircle a blazing campfire ring until everyone is ready to settle into their seats and safely enjoy it together.

The Superyard is not only useful when enclosed as shown above, but it can also be put to work as a free-form fence, as when you simply need help setting a boundary for small kids or pets in the campsite. Placed across the driveway into your campsite, for example, or in front of ice chests or fishing gear you don’t want to be constantly inspected by your 1-year-old, the Superyard may do more than protect your child; it may also save your sanity.

The Superyard folds to 26.5″ H x 35″ W x 10.6″ D, and if space is at a premium in your trunk or cargo hold as it is on every family camping trip we undertake(!), it is a great candidate for riding secured to your roof rack (slim profile, weatherproof, myriad routes for bungee cords or tie-downs…).   Find it online at:  Amazon.com (thanks for supporting this site with your click-through!)

For more help planning your family’s camping trip, from advice on where to go, what to bring, and what to avoid–plus tips for back-country camping with a baby or toddler for the more adventurous, see Chapter 2 of Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Travel with Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler

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