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Maui lanai Napili Kai Beach Resort
I wish this on all parents of young children…

I’m not sure where all of the time has gone since this year started. As one of those people who always takes on a few more things than some think wise, I can say that this year has been especially… off the hook. This photo preserves one of the only  moments I really remember taking time out to, well, put my feet up. And you can see I hadn’t even taken time to get a beach-ready pedicure before–or during–our trip.

Those same feet plodded along something like 12 different beaches during our stay in Maui as I researched for a special project (no I didn’t drag my family to that many beaches–just, maybe, half!?). And as I looked over the tops of my 5-toed friends from our lanai at Napili Kai Beach Resort (see my review here), I realized it had been quite some time since I sat anywhere with my own feet in full view.

I keep this picture handy now, not just to help me remember what my feet look like as I tackle a book project on top of the usual this summer, but to remind me of how much we all need to take a little breather now and then and, yes, put our unpolished feet up. Especially for the sake of our children. After all, aren’t they the ones who are always keeping us on our toes?

How about you?

What has been your most relaxing moment so far this year? Will you get a chance to put your feet up during an upcoming vacation? What’s your secret to not stressing (too much) when you have too many balls in the air?

Happy first official day of summer. Hope you’ll get many chances to put your feet up this season. And if you’re lucky enough to be headed to Maui, Kauai, or Oahu with your kids, be sure to check out the travel tips and recommendations in Travels with Baby Destinations.

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