Review of the Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet

The Brica Fold n Go travel bassinet is a lightweight, portable travel bed for babies. Here’s a closer look at how it works and the travel-friendly features that may be a fit for your family’s travels.


Travel-friendly features of the Brica Fold n Go travel bassinet:

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The first three things that caught my attention about the Brica Fold ‘n Go Travel Bassinet were that:

1) This travel bed fold as flat as any I’ve seen. For air travelers looking to check as little as possible, this has definite benefits—you’d hardly notice it in your suitcase. As a matter of fact, I found the Brica Travel Bassinet almost fit into my rolling carry-on (it may work in yours–but no promises!).

The Brica fold n go bassinet folded for travel

Here are the dimensions:

Folded: 22″ at widest point x 16″ x 2″ thick

Unfolded: 30.5″ L x 10″H x 22″W

Mattress:  29″L x 18″W.


2) It’s light. This travel bassinet also weighs less than 3 lbs. including its mattress and fitted cotton sheet–another reason you won’t mind layering it into your suitcase for air travel, or sliding it over the handle of your suitcase as you roll into a road stop motel.


3) In spite of folding to such a thin profile and weighing so little, the Brica Fold ‘n Go has a sturdy, rigid frame, and who doesn’t appreciate that when it comes to infant gear? The frame locks in place at the center (green button shown left) and in the center of the vertical supports on each end when open for use.

Folds to 2 inches thick.

Ends lift out and lock in place.

the brica fold n go bassnet partially unfolded

With both ends locked, the bassinet opens in a snap.

Shown with extra mattress cover, sold separately.

Its sturdy frame with 10″ high ends also makes it a good candidate for using with a mosquito net when camping, picnicking, or staying in buggy climates (I’d recommend one fitted for infant car seats or strollers). The structure and size would also work for typical travel co-sleeping situations such as placing the baby’s bed between your heads on the hotel bed or lying beside it in your family tent.

Another thing travelers may appreciate about this infant travel bed are the mesh side panels for good airflow in hot weather and climates (not to mention infant safety). What’s more, on family road trips with babies, the 10-second set-up makes it easy to give baby that all-important place to stretch and sprawl when you make your pit stops.

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Other considerations:

While the Brica Fold n Go may be very useful during travel in your infants’ first months (I’d guess about 5 to 6 months on average), it will have limited longevity as compared with some travel beds and cots that can continue to be used on through toddlerhood (see other recommended travel beds here). However, for the price point and its travel-friendly features, I think it’s great value for an infant travel bed.

Given that it takes up so little space in the car (heck, you can just lay it flat in the bottom of your trunk and you’d hardly know it’s there), it could also be useful on an everyday basis during your baby’s first months for impromptu stops at the park or visits to friends’ homes (especially during nap time).


Bottom line:

If you’re looking for an infant travel bed that won’t break the bank or leave your trunk or suitcase bulging at the seams, the Brica Fold n Go bassinet is good option.

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