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January was a busy and “big” month in the Travels with Baby sphere, and I know that most of you have been busy as well, recuperating from the holidays, looking toward the new year and what travels–and in some cases babies–may be on the horizon for 2011. I, myself, am looking forward to seeing Travels with Baby and the new Take-Along Travels with Baby mentioned in some great national parenting magazines and a very well respected website in 2011–stay tuned!

Blog in review – I covered a lot of ground in this blog during the month of January, with baby and toddler travel tips and highlights spanning from San Diego to Seattle, and Paris to Vancouver, all by way of a taxi in London, in which case if you’re headed there, you should also be aware of One Very Good Reason to Fly British Airways with Your Baby (or Lap-Held Toddler). And if you missed it – there are two “Pack this!” recommendations you may be glad to know of for upcoming travels with your baby or preschooler.

Website in reviewTravelswithBaby.com also saw some great new additions over the course of January, and a founder-pleasing 19,500+ unique visitors – thanks to all who stopped by! Not to be missed: The new “5 Best with Children Under 5: Paris” page with excellent recommendations and tips from Camille Spanjaard, resident mom in Paris and founder of baby’tems baby gear rental agency. We are adding additional tips from others who want to contribute to the page, so let me know if you have recommendations or links to other helpful resources and posts for travelers planning travel to Paris with children under 5. Here is a peek at the Google map you can add to your resources:

View TravelswithBaby.com – 5 Best with Kids Under 5: PARIS, France in a larger map

There is also a new header being implemented across TravelswithBaby.com, making it easier for you to jump to the information and recommendations you seek, and also to bookmark or share with friends anything you find especially useful (thanks!).

Guidebooks in review – The new  Take-Along Travels with Baby guidebook is off and running, and just became available in a Kindle edition compatible with your favorite “take-along devices” (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, laptop PC, and of course: Kindle). So for any of you who have appreciated the pre-trip planning tips and advice in Travels with Baby, do not pass go and upload or order this new book of on-the-go tips to help once your trip gets underway (here ends book sales pitch; I thank you for your enthusiastic support).

Current giveaway – “Would you give your child Benadryl to help him sleep on a flight?” If you haven’t yet entered for your chance to win the new Take-Along Travels with Baby, post a comment with your thoughts on why or why not you would do so. You can read my cautionary tale and the comments of other traveling parents in this post.

Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and let’s just say there’s more than one reason why I’d like to check in to a good hotel—even as a family. You might, too.

Thanks so much for following this blog. And if you have thoughts or suggestions you’d like to share, or just a tip for how I can get out of cooking on my next family vacation, I look forward to hearing from you. More great tips for travel with young children–and the anecdotes that go with it–are on the way.

Safe journeys,

Shelly Rivoli
Author of Travels with Baby and the new Take-Along Travels with Baby
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