Advice for travel with car seats and road trips with young children


Road trip? Taxi, shuttle, or rental car? Using car seats in other countries? We've been there, we've done that, and we'll help you do it with confidence.


Jump to these topics for car seat travel advice and road trip tips:


Using car seats on airplanes


Car seats in taxis and shuttles


Car seat travel questions - car seat laws in the U.S., abroad, on airplanes...


Family road trip planning tips and advice


Helpful products and gear for car trips with your child


Video: Easing Travel with Tots (View from the Bay)


Using car seats on airplanes


FAA Approval & Fit - Will your car seat be allowed on the airplane?


What are YOUR rights when using a car seat on airplanes?


What can you do if your child's car seat doesn't fit in the airplane seat?


FAA-Approved Car Seats and Label Warnings - Be prepared for the car seat police (flying with FAA-approved car seats)


Checking car seats at check in versus checking car seats at the gate


Car seats and travel in taxis or shuttles


Using car seats in taxis or shuttles - "Do I have to use a car seat in a taxi?" Car seats and taxis - and "the law"


Paris Airport Shuttles - My recommended Paris airport shuttle with car seats and boosters


New York City taxis - New York City taxi services with car seats and boosters


Car seats and booster laws


Costa Rica car seat and safety booster laws - Traveler beware: Car seat laws are stricter in Costa Rica than in the United States


Australia car and booster seat laws -  Important tips for using child safety seats (car seats) and boosters during travel in Australia




Road trip tips


Road trip diaper changes - Tips for changing diapers on road trips with baby

Road trip with baby - Three easy ways to help keep baby happy in the back seat


Carsickness 1 - Three humble tips to help prevent carsickness on your next family road trip


Carsickness 2 - Ten things you'll be glad you have in the car just in case...


Before-You-Go Checklist - Road trip emergency checklist, with essential items all parents should have in the car


Fall and winter family road trips - Three favorite family pit stops for road trips in crummy weather


Green travel tips - Five easy ways to "green" your next family road trip


Family road trip sanity savers - Five ways my Take-Along Travels with Baby will help on our next family road trip (and might help yours too!)


Planning pit stops for your family road trip - Think outside the car seat - Every stop with a toddler doesn't have to be Disneyland


Tales from the road - How a penguin saved my sanity on a 1730-mile road trip with 2 toddlers


For recommendations of family-friendly pit stops for your road trip, see our Destinations page.


Helpful products and gear for car trips with your child


Pack This! The Knee-Guard for long car trips with kids


Travel vest feature review - Review of the RideSafer travel vest


Compatible stroller for Paris? Ask Shelly: Which car seat compatible stroller is best for travel to Paris with a baby?


Three kids across the back seat? - How to fit three car seats or boosters across the back seat of your small rental car


Best car seats for travel - The top recommended car seats for travel


Car seat accessories - Recommended car seat accessories to help ease travel with your tot


Pack this! Sanity-saving snack catchers for road trips with toddlers


Pack this! Spill-proof, drip-proof travel paints for little kids


Pack this! Organic baby food pouches for travel by plane, train, or car


Find more help for planning your family road trip in Part 4 of Travels with Baby, and get tips to help keep everyone happy on the road in Take-Along Travels with Baby.


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