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Hawaii Baby Gear Rentals

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Big Island  -  Kauai Maui Oahu


Need to rent a car seat in Kauai? Rent a baby backpack for hiking the Big Island? Or borrow a mountain of beach toys in Maui? These baby gear rental agencies will help you make the most of your family vacation in Hawaii.


Big Island Baby Gear Rentals


Aloha Kona Kids

Big Island or 1-808-329-3621



Baby's Away

Big Island or 1-800-996-9030



Dorkel’s Snorkel & Baby Rental

Big Island or 1-808-883-3675



The Traveling Baby Company

Big Island or 1-800-3044-866



Kauai Baby Gear Rentals


Kauai Baby Gear

Kauai or 1-888-856-8905



Kauai Baby Rentals

Kauai or 1-866-994-8886



Rainbow Travel

Kauai or 1-808-212-5031



Ready Rentals

Kauai or 1-800-599-8008



Maui Baby Gear Rentals


Akamai Mother’s Rentals

Maui or 1-808-298-1336



Baby Furniture Rentals

Maui or 1-877-299-2229



Easy Travel

Maui or 1-808-250-9073



Maui Baby Rentals

Hawaii / Maui or 1-808-250-4968



Oahu Baby Gear Rentals



Featured advertiser:

Paradise Baby

Oahu or 1-808-561-1061


Free delivery of quality baby gear rentals island-wide on Oahu.




Featured advertiser:

Travel BaBees of Oahu

Oahu or 1-877-922-2337


10% off rental fees to new and returning customers with code TBUS10.



Baby Aboard

Oahu or 1-808-393-7612



Baby's Away

Oahu or 1-800-496-6386



Baby Travel Made Easy

Oahu or 1-808-371-1533



The Traveling Baby Company

Oahu or 1-800-3044-866






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